Bullous Pemphigoid and Antihistamine-Resistant Chronic Urticaria

When my symptoms were at their peak last year, Superman became obsessed with researching all the possible diagnoses. Among others, he found and listed bullous pemphigoid, an autoimmune blistering disease as one, to confirm or rule out.

Here’s a very good article he found and took with us to my appointments at Johns Hopkins. Of course, I do not have bullous pemphigoid, but it was a very close guess!

If you are researching your myriad of symptoms that include urticaria, blister-like or boiling-looking skin, just give this one a good read.

Featured Cases: Alternative Treatments for Antihistamine-Resistant Chronic Urticaria
by Michael D. Tharp, MD and The Clark W. Finnerud, MD, Professor, Dermatology Department Chair at Rush University Medical Center