Scratch and Stiff

It started yesterday and got worse overnight. I’m having a moderate breakout. It’s no fun. I have some itchy hives, some painful ones, swelling and joint pain and stiffness. I didn’t sleep well. This is the worst it’s been since January. Superman had to remind me today that as miserable as I am right now, this used to be what we considered a good day for me. He’s right, but isn’t that sad. It’s pretty miserable for what used to be a good day.

The thing is that we usually can identify some source as the trigger. Yes, the temperatures have been higher, but I’ve not been out in the heat. In the areas where I’m broken out, I’ve had nothing applying pressure, except the expected area, the scalp, where my pony tail pulls on my hair and gives me hives. I have been doing this for months at night, putting my hair into a pony tail to keep it off of my neck. That keeps me from sweating too much at night. I awake daily with hives on my scalp. But, today I also have hives and swelling all over both hands, hives on my arms, legs, back, neck and ears. Of course, it’s nothing like last July’s breakout, but it’s bad enough.

I am a bit disappointed that this would happend 7 days after adding my new meds. I sure hope it’s a fluke.